Dr Heaney works in many clinical settings. His NHS practice is based at Queen Square and UCLH NHS Foundation Hospital Trust. He manages in-patients at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery (NHNN) and is one of a small team of ‘liaison’ consultants who provide advice and ward-review for inpatients at the variety of hospitals of UCLH, including the trauma wards, ITU and obstetric units. Most of his NHS outpatient work takes place at NHNN and his regular clinics there are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, where he sees up to 50 patients per week. Referrals can be made by NHS GPs or NHS referring bodies.

He sees patients privately at the Cleveland Clinic London. He has clinics throughout the week, and appointments can be booked via the hospital’s contact centre:

Dr Heaney is not currently taking on new medico-legal instructions.